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Online Art Modules

Online Art Classes are structure syllabus for progressive and effective learning. It is similar to physical classroom curriculum. It is based on classroom teaching experience from the Artist and Art Teacher.

Module Interest Animals 1

Art students may choose from Level Modules or Subject Modules. Art teacher will plan, review and suggest the syllabus according to the competency level, interest and age group.

Level Modules

Level modules are referring to a Module is planned according to the art student level and age group. 

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Number of Lessons per module

There are 8 lessons per module. Student will try to complete them within 2 months. During the learning process, students are send in their art works for comment and review by teacher. And teacher will plan next level.

Subject of Interest Modules

Another option of Online Art classes is students can choose their subject of interest. In this case, they will notify the art teacher what is the interest and we will plan accordingly.
Module Interest Occupation

Subject of Interest
There will be 8 lessons for each module as well. Art students are to complete them within 2 months. Here are the available Subject:
Subject of InterestSyllabus Plan
Insects and flowersSyllabus including butterfly, bee, dragonfly, praying mantis, sunflower, tulip, roses, orchid, etc.
Farm AnimalsLearn how to draw different type of farm animals such as sheep, cow, horse, rooster, chicken, goat, duck, etc.
Marine LifeLearn how to draw different type of marine life and sea creatures such as Clownfish, Shark, Octopus, Jellyfish, Sea Turtle, Dolphin, Stingray, Angelfish, Porcupine fish, Eel, Killer Whale, Blue Whale, etc.
Human and OccupationLearn how to draw different occupation such as Nurse, Doctor, Soldiers, Carpenter, Astronaut, Driver, Pilot, Farmers, etc. 
Pre-historic LifeLearn how to draw different type of pre-historic life and dinosaurs such as Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Spinosaurus, Triceratops,  etc. 
Reptiles and AmphibiansLearn how to draw different type of reptiles and amphibians such as Crocodile, Lizard, Chameleon, Frog, Toad, Alligator, Snake, etc. 
Wild AnimalsLearn how to draw different type of wild animals such as Lion, Giraffe, Tiger, Pangolin, Otter, Lynx, Leopard, Cheetah, Jaguar, Kangaroo, Koala, etc. 
TransportationLearn how to draw different type of transportation such as aeroplane, helicopter, ship, boat, fast speed train, truck, lorry, bull dozer, army tank, submarine, etc.
BirdsLearn how to draw different type of birds such as Bald Eagle, Owl, Penguin, Oriole, Parrot, Toucan, Hornbill, Spoonbill, Ducks, Peacock, Crane, etc. 
FantasyLearn how to draw Fantasy subject such as Merlion, Santa Claus, Prince, Princes, Castles, Witch, Fairies, etc. 

Module Interest Dinosaurs
Customisation and Personalisation
Art teacher will first assess student level in drawing so that to choose and plan the appropriate lessons for the student based on their age, skill level and interest. 
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