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Drawing is Easy Art Class is an Art course with proven teaching to make drawing is easy. Taught by experienced and qualified artist and teacher Mr. Paul Lee.
You can now learn how to draw at home
Program Objectives
To make drawing easy and fun to learn and do. To relax and learn how to draw at your own pace. To help reinforce fine motor skill development of children through drawing. Explore and learn drawing techniques and how to complete a picture with basic composition. To build self confidence and self esteem. 

Why Drawing is Easy

Anyone can easily pick up drawing skill from our proven video art lesson. Video lesson is a live recording of drawing lesson from the art teacher. Drawing is easy is to allow adult to relearn and re-engage the inner creative child and enjoy freedom of drawing. At the same, this program making drawing becoming simple and fun. With drawing, you can find happiness and therapeutic experience through creative expression. In addition, being able to colour what you have drawn are very fulfilling and therapeutic as well.
Drawing Farmer Outline
Children can develop their fine motor skills of drawing and colouring during their vital years of child development. 
When you can draw, creativity can be more expressive and heighten. At the same time, you
can build self confidence and self esteem. Class is created by experienced art teacher and artist.  Children will learn how to complete the art work within the lesson with self confidence and at ease.

Safe and Secured

We have a dedicated web site so that parents can make this URL as approved site for children to learn art lessons online. It is the most important aspect for parents to take into consideration that online web access for children MUST be Safe and Secured. We are commited to bring quality Art lessons without compromising the effectiveness. No advertisement poping up at the site or distraction. It is therefore, top choice for parents using our Online Art Class.

Be Safe, Not Sorry.

For Who

Drawing is easy is for all. Minimum age 5 or any kid who can do basic shapes and lines. 

How do we teach
Drawing is Easy Art lesson is using Video instructions and created by the Art Teacher directly and digitally. It is based on the physical whiteboard teaching approach. Art lessons are made to be easy to follow, simple and fun.

Teaching is through live demonstration by the teacher because video is done in real time. You can see the process of how this can be done easily. Drawing method is simplified for students to know the basic of drawing from the teacher. In addition, the techniques of drawing are designed to allow students make changes to their subjects perspective, position and creating their own features. Thereafter, students will be able to draw with their own creativity and imagination.
Learn from an expert in drawing!
We integrate Creativity-Juice program to unleash the use of drawing to expand our creativity with flexibility and fluid thinking. We use Drawing as as a mean for healing, expression, insight and awareness. You can find Colouring of your own drawing will heighten another level of therapeutic experience.
Free Art Lesson for Trial
Drawing is Easy Art Project is available free for trial. Please enter free trial password: tryme. Try it out and experience how easy it is to draw!

Curriculum Plan
Drawing is Easy Art lesson curriculum is based on the physical classroom learning program at UniqArts and by the Art Teacher. It is structured, progressive learning and theme based on general subject of interest and knowledge.
Drawing bearDrawing Penguin
Subjects cover a wide range of learning themes from farm, animals, pets, insects, birds, nature life, scenery, festivals, marine life, human, occupation, cartoon, creative drawing, colouring, etc. Art program is designed to engage adult and children into active learning of art with ease, fun and confidence.
Drawing Birthday PartyDrawing fighterjet
Drawing lessons are by modules. Each module will have 10 art lessons, complete with drawing instructions and tips for colourings.
Here are the examples of the Module syllabus. There are total of 10 modules now and you can choose to sign up different program plan. Modules will be activated by stages so that students are not overwhelmed for too many lessons to choose from.
Art Materials

You need to get your own basic art materials. We recommend the following art materials: A4 or A5 size sketch book, with pencils, eraser, and colour pencils.

Fee and Duration
You can choose a course plan from the following options: 
Plan 1: 1 Module S$50/= (Valid for 2 months)

Plan 2: 3 Modules S$120/= (Valid for 4 months)

Plan 3: 8 Modules S$280/= (Valid for 9 months)

Plan 4: 10 Modules S$300/= (Valid for 12 months)

*Please note that each Module has 10 art lessons
How to Attend Effectively
Set a timetable for 1 hour drawing at least once or twice a week. We recommend 3 times a week, for example, Mon, Wed and Fri.
For each lesson, open A4 or A5 sketch book, get ready with 2B pencil and eraser. 
Choose a lesson, follow the lesson and draw.
Once completed the basic drawing, you may shut down the computer and enjoy the colouring.  You may use colour pencils, crayon or oil pastels, or whichever materials that the child is familiar with. Finally, you may email the finished picture to teacher for review via Whatsapp, facebook or email.

How to enrol
Choose a plan and make payment via Paypal and email us your full name and recent photo for personalised page setup. You can also pay by cheque or cash.
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