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Art Project for Kids and Family
art project
Looking for some enrichment and bonding activities at home and as a family. This season, we are organizing this special Holidays Art Project for your children and family. Have fun drawing and colouring as a family with this amazing art project online.

Art Project Objective

To provide enrichment and fun activity of learning and creativity. To learn the foundation of drawing. To explore different subject of interest. To learn how to do colouring. To provide family bonding opportunity. To provide creative space after drawing. To use art as therapy and expression.

Project Themes

This Art project is for children to take drawing classes online and covering the following themes: human, birds, marine life, animals, insects, transport, etc. Children will pick the theme to start  and they can also invite family members to join in and have fun. Each family member will pick a subject to draw. For example, mum will draw flower and children will draw rabbit. Dad will draw tree. There will be many themes or subjects to choose from our Art project online holidays menu.
Art project for holidays

What do you need

You will need to have drawing papers, 2B pencil, soft eraser and colour pencils. In addition, you can use crayon or oil pastels , water colour, brushes, etc. We recommend old newspaper to cover the table.

How to have fun here

To enjoy the art project, it is fun with drawing from simple object and drawing from our selected Drawing is Easy lesson plan. There is no right or wrong for art and it is therefore significant for children and adult to embrace all kind of drawings. Creativity is to allow crazy ideas and funny topics to be added on, whether it makes or does not make any sense. Drawing a same picture as a family will be great fun and remember to respect each other art and creativity.

Course Fee and Duration

Course fee is $60/= per family for a period of 60 days unlimited access.

How to sign up

Simply pay the Art Project fee by Credit Card (via Paypal) for the Art Project fee here. Send us by email: uniqarts@gmail.com or whatsapp 8125-4923 for the latest kid or family photo (in JPEG, file size about 800x600 or less than 1MB). We will setup a personal page for this art project.

How to Attend

You can attend class and do your Art project from our UniqArts web classroom for safe and easy learning. http://www.onlineartclass.com.